Opening Ceremony (21 December)

Plenary Lectures (21 December)

  • Yat-Yin Lam, China Hong Kong : How Structural Innovations from China can change the world?
  • Kentaro Hayashida, Japan : How Japan become the largest structural interventional country in Asia?
  • Lars Sondergaard, Denmark : How European physicians help structural intervention in the East?
  • Moyang wang, China : Transcathetor Valvular Therapies in China - Chellenges and Opportunities !
  • Wei Zhang, China : Featured: Imaging Innovation for Structural Heart Diseases

Selected Cases from China Structural Week 2019: Con-joint Session with AP-SHD Youth Club (21 December)

  • Moyang Wang, China : Case 1
  • Zhenfei Fang, China : Case 2
  • Guanyuan Song, China : Case 3
  • Toru Naganuma, Japan : Case 4 (Suggest TAVI case)
  • Shunsuke Kubo, Japan : Case 5 (Suggest MitraClip case)
  • Group photos, distribution of certificates for new AP-SHD youth members from Japan

Aortic Valve Session (21 December)

  • Akihiro Isotani, Japan : Role of echo imaging in facilitating aortic valve intervention
  • Lars Sondergaard, Denmark : TAVR is more durable than SAVR? Insights from NOTION and other trials
  • Norio Tada, Japan : How to prevent and solve coronary occlusion with TAVR
  • Vincent NH Luk, Hong Kong : My most educational TAVR case 1

Extended Lunch Session with Myterious Snowmass Presentation and Activities (21 December)

Mitral Valve Session (21 December)

  • Masaki Izumo, Japan : Role of echo imaging in facilitating mitral valve intervention
  • Takashi Matsumoto, Japan : MitraClip NT System Japan Post Market Surveillance
  • Wei-Hsian Yin, Taiwan : Valve-in-valve for failed Mitral Bioprosthesis: Challenges and Techniques
  • Simon Lam, Hong Kong : My most educational MitraClip/Neochord case 1 (DMR)
  • Yusuke Watanabe, Japan : My most educational MitraClip case 2 (FMR) case

More complex structural interventions (Tricuspid, PVL closure, TMVR) (21 December)

  • Shingo Kuwata, Japan : Transcatheter mitral valve annuloplasty (Cardioband)
  • Daisuke Hachinohe, Japan : Transcatheter mitral valve implantation in failing ring
  • Lars Sondergaard, Denmark : Leading TMVR devices
  • Yat-Yin Lam, China Hong Kong : MitraClip at tricuspid position
  • Lars Sondergaard, Denmark : My most educational TMVR case

Interventions to lower cardioembolic stroke (LAAC/PFO closure) (22 December)

  • David CW Siu, China Hong Kong : How to determine which is “pathogenic” PFO?
  • Reda Ibrahim, Canada : Role of CT in facilitating LAA closure
  • Hidehiko Hara, Japan : My most educational PVL case
  • Shunsuke Kubo, Japan : My most educational PFO or LAA case
  • Yoshifumi Nakajima, Japan : My most educational PFO or LAA case
  • Xiaofei Jiang, China : My most educational LAA case 1
  • Xiaochun Zhang, China : My most education LAA case 2
  • Hidehiko Hara, Japan : Difficult PFO closure cases: Case discussions
  • Xi Su, China : Closing difficult LAAs: What are they and how to close?

My "secret" tips and tricks in SHD intervention (22 December)

  • Kazuki Mizutani, Japan : Simple THV deployment under NCC-pigtail technique
  • Yohei Ohno, Japan : MitraClip for commissural lesion : is it feasible?
  • Kensuke Takagi, Japan : TBD
  • Masahiko Asami, Japan : How to simplify left atrial appendage closure!!

Innovations from China and Japan (22 December)

  • Kentaro Hayashida, Japan : What we learnt from OCEAN Registry
  • Xiaobao Liu, China : TAVR in Bicuspid Anatomy
  • Yat-Yin Lam, Hong Kong : Innovations in Operative Techniques for LAAC
  • Mengyun Zhu, China : LAmbre and other new LAA devices from China
  • Alex PW Lee, Hong Kong : Role of 3D Printing in Structural Heart Intervention
  • Jian Wang, China : Safety and efficacy of Epicardial Ventricular Restoration in Patients with Antero-septal Scar and Dilated Ischemic Cardiomyopathy

Extended Lunch Session with Myterious Snowmass Presentation and Activities (22 December)

Heart Team Session 1 (Interventionalists and Imagers) (22 December)

  • Daisuke Hachinohe, Japan : State-of-the art CT for SHD interventions
  • Alex PW Lee, China Hong Kong : Multi-modality or fusion imaging in SHD intervention: Case 1
  • Mengyun Zhu, China : Multi-modality or fusion imaging in SHD intervention: Case 2

Heart Team Session 2 (Cardiothoracic surgeons and Interventionalists) (22 December)

  • Working with surgeons/physicians to make a successful structural heart interventional program: Challenges and Opportunities
  • Simon Lam, Hong Kong : Hong Kong Experience
  • Wei-Hsian Yin, Taiwan : Taiwan Experience
  • Longyan Zhang, China : China Experience
  • Azusa Furugen, Japan : Japan Experience
  • Ignacio Gonzalez, Spain : European Experience
  • TAVR as default therapy for AS patients (debate)
  • MitraClip should be offered to intermediate risk patients (debate)